One Night Standup, 28 October

Carl Stanley, Petrina Solange, Niklas Andersson, Jonatan Unge, Ina Lundström, Henrik Nyblom.

In the fall of 2023, six of Sweden’s leading stand-up comedians will go on a joint tour.
After many lonely miles in train compartments with sour coffee and bad wifi, some of the country’s funniest and popular comedians sit in the same tour bus and visit some of Sweden’s funniest cities.

During the show, the audience gets to see Jonatan Unge, Ina Lundström, Niklas Andersson, Carl Stanley, Henrik Nyblom and Petrina Solange replace each other on stage. Usually they run their own tours and shows in clubs, theaters and arenas but now they all come together for some special autumn evenings.

This feels like a very strong show that I am very proud to be a part of, says Carl Stanley.

Petrina, Niklas, Carl, Jonatan and Henke are objectively the funniest people in Sweden, and having them all served right up to the fontanel could possibly lead to psychosis of some kind. I hope not. But I still want to raise a warning finger, says Ina Lundström.

“ONE NIGHT STANDUP” premieres at Halmstad Teater on 12 October 2023.

Duration of performance approx. 90 min without intermission.

Tour producer: Cecilia Stenborg, CS Nöje


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