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It is our important sponsors and partners who make our Arena possible and play a major role in the sporting and cultural life in Lund. Join us and make a difference for our children and young people. No one can do everything – but everyone can do something…

Together we make a difference

Here we create a common platform for joy and community through movement and experiences. The Arena educates, creates jobs and life experience for our stars – our children, young people and ambassadors in school and sports in the Arena and for Lund.

We wish more sponsors and partners, it is together that we make a difference. Help us on the journey to create a greater understanding and how important the work of the Arena, the Foundation and the associations is for the benefit of society. Let’s be each other’s role models and actively make sure to contribute and make a positive difference together.

Here we meet through sports and exciting and familiar networking. Are you a company that sees the joint profit of acting?

Our sponsors

Everyone is welcome

Sparbanken Skåne Arena’s successful event is based on good and long-term relationships with our talented partners.

Together, we put the customer at the center and with us, everyone is welcome. We have many different forms for good collaboration and are always looking for good and exciting collaboration partners.

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