Lund created the future

About the Arena

The arena offers quick conversion from sports to approx. 50 external events per year such as concerts, shows, fairs. The arena consists of a large arena venue with space for up to 4000 people, right next to it is a smaller sports hall with full dimensions. The arena also offers smaller premises such as Arenans Lounge, Glasbollen and Glastorget. In direct connection is Lund’s ice rink and also Klostergården’s IP where Lund’s BK plays its home games.

Major new investment for Sparbanken Skåne Arena

The arena area is under constant development and more halls are in the planning stage. A connecting train station is now being built next to the arena area.

There is now a new investment at Sparbanken Skåne Arena with a new team in place. The goal is to work according to a common thread where we start from handball and sports for children & young people, and then use the Arena to offer and create meaningful and recurring events where we together make a positive difference.

The arena has an exciting future ahead of it.

Our stars

Our goal is for Sparbanken Skåne Arena to become a platform for joy and community. Therefore, we now offer our best ambassadors – our fantastic young people through handball, sports and school to work during our events. In the year 2022, we already have a fantastic, well-established team that we warmly recommend to our organizers.

We look forward to developing our commitment “Our stars” by creating more jobs, training and fun, joint events. Here we need your help, it is together that we create conditions and community for our young people. A winning concept filled with warmth, joy, commitment that brings fantastic experience and opportunities.

Catering, technology & premises

We offer you as organizers to make your mark and hire the collaborations you want for your event. This also applies to provision of catering and catering permits. Upon request, the Arena offers to plan and/or recommend our partners. We collaborate with local players who offer a wide variety of everything from sandwiches to energy-rich power figs. Only your imagination sets limits for your unique event!

Sparbanken Skåne Arena has technology to offer in-house. Depending on the event, we have the contacts and experience to bring in technology for the best overall world-class experience. Through a planning meeting, the Arena offers options and additional services to create the best conditions for your event.

Our vision

We want to improve the world, little by little. Together with the municipality of Lund, we share the vision that “Lund creates the future”, which describes our vision of how we should develop the Arena’s operations. Our lives have become digital, mobile and sedentary. We want to highlight the importance of well-being through community, knowledge, movement and experiences. That together we create a positive place for today and for the future.

Arena overview

The A-hall in the Arena is divided into 8 sections with
letter designations A-H.

Here plays the elite class in handball

It’s no secret that Lund is a handball city and we at Sparbanken Skåne Arena are proud to house so many sporting talents under one roof.

Thousands of Lund residents are involved, either because they play themselves, a family member plays in one of the handball clubs H43 Lund or LUGI HF, or simply as a Lund supporter. Today’s elite and tomorrow’s stars train here, supporters and relatives meet here to cheer on their heroes and idols.

In addition to H43 Lund and LUGI HF, we are also happy to have the Handball Association Syd’s office at the arena, one of Sweden’s largest district associations.

For more information and contact, visit the teams’ own websites:

Lugi HF, H43 Lund and Handbollförbundet Syd.

Sparbanken Skåne Arena

Take part in our community

Sparbanken Skåne Arena is today unknown to many and it is time to lift and create life and the pride the Arena deserves.

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